Unity Bridge Ministries

From serving meals to the homeless to providing shelter services Unity Bridge Ministries is on a mission to end homelessness. We have projects underway to build homeless shelters in other communities with high homeless rates but we can't do it alone. We are hopeful you will partner with us and help us provide services that will get homeless families back on track and pave a success path for their children!

Unity Bridge Ministries provide programs to help our homeless population by providing them with needed resources to transition them from homelessness.

Unity Bridge Ministries Inc

We provide assistance to the homeless population and the ex-Inmate of Nash and Edgecombe. We believe in the "Teach a man to fish" philosophy. We believe simply providing meals to those in need may feed them that moment, but they will be hungry again. Providing ways to feed themselves ensures they don't go without food, even if no one is able to provide it. Through our job readiness programs we assist the homeless and ex-inmate population with resumes building and interview preparedness.

Meal for the Homeless

We provide meals for the homeless because we believe proper nutrition is key to staying healthy and having the energy needed to work on themselves to reach their goal to end homelessness.

Job Readiness

Providing assistance in resume development and interview training to increase chances of job procurement