Tutoring Services

Unity Bridge Foundation Inc understands the frustrations children face with newer learning methods and have heard the cries of children who want to learn but is missing the connection between what is being taught and their understanding of it. We pair children with knowledgeable teachers and adults who have grasped the lessons and understand that disconnect. They work with the child and parent to formulate a success plan and teach the lesson in ways the child understands.

Many children who require this service can not afford the tutoring help they need, so many face the threat of failing and never living up to their potential simply because their family can not afford the help they need. This forms a cycle of failure that is not easily broken. Our goal is to connect the family with the tutor without the burden of high costs. We make tutoring affordable!

Email us today to set up a meeting to discuss how we may help your child by "Bridging the Gap between Community, Family, and Education!"

Unity Bridge Foundation need your help to continue offering these services to the youth in our community! Be a part of the solution and donate to Unity Bridge Foundation on our Donation page! Select General Donation and enter "Tutoring" for the area you would like your funding to go. 100% of ALL donations go directly to the program. We do not subtract administrative fees on our donations!